Happy Messages

sprinkles of joy

Happy Messages is the name used by Kathleen D. Stidham since 1982 for the personalized works of art she creates, whether greeting cards, stationery or bulletin boards. Unique, thought-provoking and cheerful, Happy Messages are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Original notecards with envelopes are $5 each, $16 for a set of 4 cards.
Single copies of notecards $3.00 each ($10/4)
Greeting Cards are $8 each for an original, or a set of ten identical photo cards $25. Personalized cards will cost a bit more, please email for details. Original works of art priced as indicated.

I also do commission work!

Prices include tax, shipping and handling is extra. For your convenience, I have a PayPal account to accept payments by check, money order and credit card. If you prefer to pay me directly, I can accept check or money orders, please email for instructions. All prices are in US Dollars. At present, I can sell and send to people only within the United States. I am trying to find out how to sell and send to Canada also.

Samples of current items

Please call for availability on originals. These thumbnails link to separate pages with larger pictures that may take a while to load. Actual size of the notecards is approximately 4.5x5.5 inches. Greeting Cards are slightly larger.

Apple Harvest Series 2005, originals given as gift

This series of six costs $15.
apple harvest 1 thumbnail  apple harvest 2 thumbnail  apple harvest 3 thumbnail  apple harvest 4 thumbnail  apple harvest 5 thumbnail  apple harvest 6 thumbnail 

Grapes Series 2005, originals given as gift

Grapes 1  Grapes 2  Grapes 3  Grapes 5 

Orange Flowers 2005, first three originals still available

Orange Flowers 1 Orange Flowers 2 Orange Flowers 3 Orange Flowers 4 original sold

Roses 2005

Gilded Rose Red Rose original sold Yellow Rose Rosalinda

Miscellaneous Cards sold individually:

Single Pear, rustic background
Single Pear notecard

Autumn Daisies, original purchased
Autumn Daisies notecard

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