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Good Art makes you feel Good!

I have dabbled in various media for over 20 years. Below is a brief visual history in reverse order.

spring postcard with bunny

Simple Things and Fairy Wings and all Things Good and True...

These notepapers were drawn in the autumn of 1989, and are the self-mailing kind where the top and bottom flaps fold up.
notepapers notepapers

These little notecards were done using sumi ink and brushes. They and the ones above were done while I was attending college. I rather like the iris...

A sense of humor and musing on a sunrise in July 1989
Aussie fishing trip hint #1 yet another artsy fartsy piece of history...

An old birthday invitation
birthday June 1983

And of course, one of my earliest pieces, drawn the day before the family left for Puerto Rico for my father's job as an Air Force pilot.
kindergarten, me as a princess... November 15, 1971

Finally, how can I leave out my precious children's work? These were both done a number of years ago, but hang over my desk when I am at the computer.
sunflower by matthew fishes by grant

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