Quality Word Works

word processing and tutoring

I can provide typing and design work in Microsoft Word, Works, Excel or Publisher on a Windows-based computer, or Open Office on a Linux-based computer. Rates depend on lead time and amount of typing.

I have tutored people for over 20 years in subjects ranging from reading, to mathematics (basic math, algebra and geometry), to high school science and history, to college writing skills. Although I do not hold a degree in teaching, I have experience with learning disabled people and ESL students, and greatly enjoy helping people learn.

If you are local to Olympia, I am available to meet with you at either a public library (Olympia, Tumwater or Evergreen) or at the Barnes and Noble on Black Lake Boulevard. I charge $25 per hour for tutoring. Depending on the subject, I may also be able to help you by email for a reduced rate.

I have helped type term papers, but please note that I will not write them for you! I will proofread, and offer suggestions on areas that need clarification or exposition, but I will not do your research.

Quality Word Works
Olympia WA