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Aging Joyfully

Awake to greet the dawn --
singing! singing! singing!

Catch the rising dayshine --
running! running! running!

Drink in the warmth and smile --
laughing! laughing! laughing!

The fountain of youth at its source,
grasping grateful gladness!

Blessed Be

Hail, to the One, the Creator!
Who endows all things with existence.

Who out of nothing and from before time is come,
Bringing light and substance and measure.

In the fullness of the cosmos
At the birthing moment
With the agony of creation
Amid the clamor of elation

Emerge the small, insignificant Other

The One begets the incalculable
The One summons the stars to dance. . .

Oh come!

In the crush of difference
Let us reclaim our unity

Let us dance with the stars
And renew the foundations
Of the world.

Night Light

Silently with great wonder and hope
They leaned into the night,

They lifted up their limbs and shouted
Great peals of laughter,
The firs tickling the stars.


Silent witness of timeless wonder!

Gift for Generations
Light and Shadow

wax and wane
as moments linger
through eternity

Observant Confidant
Lonely Sentinel

The heavens open at your touch!


I invite you in
I tremble

your touch
caresses my

where my deepest
strive against
my highest

they collide
with rapture
at last

untitled (2 aug 1989)

The once sterile dawn,
blushing Aurora!
I am awakened by your beauty.
~5:41 am~

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