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I specialize in simple, accessible, validated web pages. I don't have the tools for, (or much interest in) flashy, state of the art pages. I prefer to write good, elegant code that functions in most browsers and doesn't take up a lot of bandwidth. If you are just starting out, I charge $150 per web page, which includes revisions and corrections for up to a month after you receive your page. If you need additions or changes to existing web pages, I charge $25 per hour. If you need space to host your domain, we can do that too, please email for rates.

Because this is merely a hobby of mine, I work slower than people who do this professionally, which is why the per hour cost is so low. If you are in a hurry, or require fancy scripts, you will be happier with an actual web programmer who knows multiple languages. Similarly, if you desire 24-hour support, please use a bigger agency (we need our sleep)!

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